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3 Credits

CPEN 333

Operating systems principles, real-time systems, principles of concurrent and multi-threaded programming, information structures, introduction to object oriented analysis, design, and modeling using UML, testing of software systems.

Course Objective

There is a need for Electrical and other Non-Software Engineering disciplines to have an appreciation of the role of Software Engineering and Operating System Principles in the design and development of complex software based systems, particularly Real Time, Embedded Computer or Mechatronic type systems.

Textbook (Optional)

Software Engineering - A Practitioners Approach by Roger Pressman McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 007301933X


Modern Operating Systems - 2nd Edition. Andrew Tannenbaum, Prentice Hall ; ISBN: 0130313580


Operating System Concepts - any edition by Silberschatz John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd. ISBN (7th edition) : 0-471-69466-5


ONE of
CPSC 259 - Data Structures and Algorithms for Electrical Engineers
CPSC 260 - Object-Oriented Program Design
CPEN 211 - Introduction to Microcomputers
CPEN 312 - Digital Systems and Microcomputers



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