In January 2020 I will join Simon Fraser University (SFU) as an assistant professor in the Department of Computing Science. Previously, I was an NSERC PDF postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University, working with Dr. Frank Tip. I received my PhD from the ECE Department, University of British Columbia (UBC). I was a member of SALT Lab, advised by Dr. Ali Mesbah and Dr. Karthik Pattabiraman.
My research is in the area of software engineering, with a focus on program analysis, comprehension, and debugging.


At the conjunction of software engineering, programming languages, and human-computer interaction, my research aims at improving performance of developers in comprehension and debugging activities. To this end, I create semi-automated techniques for facilitating comprehension and detecting bugs, helping developers understand the dynamic behaviour and sources of errors in programs. The outcome of my work is typically open-source tools with interactive visualizations, which I evaluate through controlled experiments with developers in realistic settings. Results show that my methods signi cantly improve the performance of developers in their everyday tasks.