Signaling network architecture and transaction protocols to support realtime connection rerouting in ATM/B-ISDNs

TitleSignaling network architecture and transaction protocols to support realtime connection rerouting in ATM/B-ISDNs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsYu, O. T. W., and V. C. M. Leung
Conference NameINFOCOM '96. Fifteenth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer Societies. Networking the Next Generation. Proceedings IEEE
Pagination1012 -1019 vol.3
Date Publishedmar.
Keywordsasynchronous transfer mode, ATM/B-ISDN, B-ISDN, communication resources, dynamic multiparty conferences, fast distributed signaling transport, inband signaling, mobile call handoff, network control services, packet ordering synchronization, packet switching, PCN, personal communication networks, real time connection rerouting, real time distributed transactions, robust fast reservation, signaling ATM adaptation layer, signaling network architecture, signaling transport protocols, source routing multicast, source routing unicast, SS7 CCS network, synchronisation, synchronization data transport, TCAP layer, telecommunication network routing, telecommunication signalling, telecommunication traffic, traffic, transaction protocols, transport protocols

In future B-ISDN and PCN environments, an increasing number of network control services, such as dynamic multiparty conferences, mobile call handoff, etc., will require realtime connection rerouting services not currently supported by the B-ISDN signaling network architecture based on the SS7 CCS network and its transaction protocols (TCAP). To support these services, we propose a novel signaling network architecture employing the following new signaling transport protocols in the signaling ATM adaptation layer: (1) associated-CCS employing source-routing unicast and multicast to provide fast distributed signaling transport for realtime distributed transactions, and (2) inband signaling required for synchronization data transport, and the following new transaction protocols in the TCAP layer: (1) robust fast reservation of communication resources, and (2) packet-ordering synchronization to minimize traffic descriptions


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