A multi-carrier CDMA system using a concatenated orthogonal/PN spreading scheme

TitleA multi-carrier CDMA system using a concatenated orthogonal/PN spreading scheme
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsYoun, W. - S., L. Freiberg, and V. K. Bhargava
Conference NameElectrical and Computer Engineering, 1996. Canadian Conference on
Pagination202 -205 vol.1
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordscellular environment, cellular radio, code division multiple access, concatenated codes, concatenated orthogonal/PN spreading scheme, correlator, correlators, direct sequence code division multiple access, fading, frequency division multiplexing, indoor picocellular environment, indoor radio, interference immunity, land mobile radio, maximal ratio combiner, mobile communications, modulation, multicarrier CDMA system, multicarrier modulation, multipath channels, multipath fading channel, multiuser environment, OFDM, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, performance analysis, PN sequence, privacy, pseudonoise codes, Rayleigh channels, Rayleigh/Rician fading environment, Rician channels, security, spread spectrum communication, system performance

Direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) is currently of great interest for mobile communications applications. It provides reasonable privacy and security, and good immunity to interference and fading. We propose a new communication scheme combining both multi-carrier (MC) modulation and DS-CDMA with a concatenated orthogonal/pseudo-noise (PN) spreading scheme. This scheme incorporates the advantages of both DS-CDMA with a concatenated scheme, and an MC modulation technique to combat the effect of a multipath fading channel. The system performance is investigated for a single correlator and a maximal ratio combiner. The performance analysis is carried out under a multiuser and multipath Rayleigh/Rician fading environment. It is shown that the proposed system outperforms the MC-CDMA system with a conventional PN sequence


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