Non-Orthogonal Transmission and Noncoherent Fusion of Censored Decisions

TitleNon-Orthogonal Transmission and Noncoherent Fusion of Censored Decisions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsYiu, S., and R. Schober
Conference NameCommunications, 2007. ICC '07. IEEE International Conference on
Pagination980 -985
Date Publishedjun.
Keywordsbandwidth efficiency, computational complexity, low-complexity energy-based fusion rule, noncoherent fusion rules, nonorthogonal sensor channels, nonorthogonal transmission, optimum noncoherent likelihood-ratio, Rayleigh channels, Rayleigh fading, sensor fusion, signaling scheme, signature vector length, telecommunication signalling, wireless sensor networks

In this paper, we propose a novel signaling scheme and corresponding noncoherent fusion rules for wireless sensor networks. In the proposed scheme, sensors transmit censored decisions to the fusion center using signature vectors. To improve bandwidth efficiency the signature vector length can be chosen smaller than the number of sensors in the network resulting in non-orthogonal sensor channels. We derive the optimum noncoherent likelihood-ratio (LR) based fusion rule as well as a low-complexity energy-based fusion rule for the considered signaling scheme and Rayleigh fading. Furthermore, the performance of the energy-based fusion rule is analyzed. Numerical and simulation results show that with the proposed scheme significant improvements in bandwidth efficiency are possible at the expense of a small loss in power efficiency.


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