Optimized Delay Diversity for Suboptimum Equalization

TitleOptimized Delay Diversity for Suboptimum Equalization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsYiu, S., R. Schober, and W. H. Gerstacker
JournalVehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1535 -1543
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsbit error rate approximation, cellular radio, channel state information, correlated multiple-input-multiple-output channel, DD transmit filter optimization, decision feedback equalisers, decision-feedback equalization, diversity reception, enhanced data rate, error statistics, fading channels, frequency-selective fading channel, Global System for Mobile Communications, gradient methods, GSM evolution system, linear equalization, MIMO systems, optimized delay diversity, stochastic gradient algorithm, stochastic processes, suboptimum equalization, wireless channel statistical properties

The optimization of delay diversity (DD) for linear equalization (LE) and decision-feedback equalization (DFE) is presented. The general case of transmission over a correlated multiple-input-multiple-output frequency-selective fading channel is considered. The proposed optimization requires the knowledge of the statistical properties of the wireless channel at the transmitter, but channel state information is only required at the receiver side. Based on an approximation of the bit error rate for LE and DFE, a stochastic gradient algorithm for optimization of the DD transmit filters is derived. Simulation results for the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)/Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution system show significant performance gains of the proposed optimized DD scheme over the DD schemes reported by Gore et al. (Proc. IEEE Inter. Conf. Commun., 2002) and Hehn et al. (IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 4, p. 2289, 2005) if LE and DFE are used at the receiver


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