Robust frame rate detection for variable rate transmission in CDMA

TitleRobust frame rate detection for variable rate transmission in CDMA
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsYang, G., and S. Kallel
Conference NameElectrical and Computer Engineering, 1999 IEEE Canadian Conference on
Pagination62 -67 vol.1
KeywordsAWGN, AWGN environment, bit energy to noise ratio, cellular communications systems, cellular radio, data rate information, detection error rate, digital cellular standard, digital radio, error statistics, forward traffic channel, frame overhead reduction, IS-95 CDMA system, mobile station receivers, multiple access channel, multiuser channels, robust frame rate detection, signal detection, simulation results, telecommunication standards, transmitted data rate, variable data rate transmission, variable rate transmission

The transmitted data rate in the forward traffic channel in the existing IS-95 CDMA system is variable from frame to frame. The purpose of this variable data rate transmission is to maximize the use of the multiple access channel. In order to reduce the overhead in a frame, however, the data rate information is not provided to mobile station receivers. This paper presents a robust frame rate detection scheme for variable data rate transmission systems like the IS-95 CDMA system. Simulation results show that the proposed rate detection scheme can provide a gain of up to 1.8 dB over the conventional method in terms of the required bit energy to noise ratio Eb/No at a detection error rate of 10-4 in the AWGN environment


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