Programmable logic IP cores in SoC design: opportunities and challenges

TitleProgrammable logic IP cores in SoC design: opportunities and challenges
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWilton, S. J. E., and R. Saleh
Conference NameCustom Integrated Circuits, 2001, IEEE Conference on.
Pagination63 -66
Keywordsapplication specific integrated circuits, microprocessor chips, programmable logic devices, programmable logic IP cores, reconfigurable cores, SoC design

As SoC design enters into mainstream usage, the ability to make post-fabrication changes will become more and more attractive. This ability can be realized using programmable logic cores. These cores are like any other IP in the SoC design methodology, except that their function can be changed after fabrication. This paper outlines ways in which programmable logic cores can simplify SoC design, and describes some of the challenges that must be overcome if the use of programmable logic cores is to become a mainstream design technique


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