iScout: An intelligent scout for navigating large image sets

TitleiScout: An intelligent scout for navigating large image sets
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsWeathermon, A., and R. Rohling
EditorHuang, H. K., and O. M. Ratib
PublisherSPIE; Amer Assoc Phys Med; Amer Physiol Soc; Ctr Devices & Radiol Hlth; Soc Imaging Sci & Technol; Natl Elect Mfg Assoc, Diagnost Imaging & Therapy Syst Div; Radiol Soc N Amer; Soc Comp Appl Radiol
Conference Location1000 20TH ST, PO BOX 10, BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-0010 USA
ISBN Number0-8194-4834-6
KeywordsiScout, multiplanar reslice (MPR), PACS, priority downloading, scout, workflow

A new intelligent software tool for PACS systems called `iScout' has been developed that constructs and displays an overview of large series or studies before downloading the set of images to a PACS workstation. The overview consists of two orthogonal cross-section images that allow the user to select and download a subset of images, avoiding long delays that can occur while downloading hundreds or even thousands of images. The iScout also provides a navigational tool, allowing the user to click on anatomical regions and view the relevant slices, while displaying the anatomical location of the image currently being displayed by the PACS workstation software. The construction of an iScout can be done on either a workstation or a server with only minimal overhead that does not significantly affect the speed of loading. A working iScout tool has been integrated with multi-modality PACS, workstation software (McKesson Medical Imaging Solutions), and it was found that the iScout can be generated on the workstation with a maximum added overhead of only 3.4 seconds while downloading a study containing 433 512x512 CT images. The iScout is flexible and can generate scouts for virtually all types. of CT and MR images, as well as 3D Ultrasound.

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