Robust design of nonlinearly tapered waveguide and photodetector

TitleRobust design of nonlinearly tapered waveguide and photodetector
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWang, C., V. Krishnamurthy, B. Klein, P. D. Yoder, and J. K. Allen
Conference NameSystems and Information Engineering Design Symposium, 2008. SIEDS 2008. IEEE
Pagination123 -128
Date Publishedapr.
Keywordsdispersion (wave), inductive design exploration method, nonlinearly tapered waveguide, optoelectronic communication system, optoelectronic devices, photodetector, photodetectors, potential uncertainties, waveguides

This paper presents a strategy for the robust design of an optoelectronic communication system consisting of non-linearly tapered waveguide and a photodetector. The inductive design exploration method (IDEM) is implemented to reduce the potential uncertainties existing when simulation models are combined in a design process. This method assists us in looking for robust solutions rather than an optimal solution for this problem. A robust ranged set of design solutions could perform better under uncertainty than optimal single solutions which may deteriorate significantly when uncertainties make conditions or assumptions change. In this paper, the emphasis is on the method.


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