Analysis of a ripple-free input-current boost converter with discontinuous conduction characteristics

TitleAnalysis of a ripple-free input-current boost converter with discontinuous conduction characteristics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsWang, J., W. G. Dunford, and K. Mauch
JournalPower Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination684 -694
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsboost power converter topology, Circuit analysis computing, circuit simulation, coupled inductor techniques, DC-DC power convertors, discontinuous conduction characteristics, discontinuous inductor-current mode, electromagnetic interference, EMI requirements, harmonic distortion, power system harmonics, ripple-free input current

Coupled inductor techniques supply a method to reduce the power converter size and weight and achieve ripple-free current. The boost power converter is a very popular topology in industry. However, the input-current ripple hinders efforts to meet electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements. In particular, the input current becomes discontinuous and pulsating when the conventional boost power converter operates in the discontinuous inductor-current mode. This paper describes a boost power converter which has the same discontinuous properties as the conventional boost power converter. However, the proposed boost topology has continuous or ripple-free input current when it operates with discontinuous inductor-current. The proposed topology is compared with traditional converter topologies, such as the Sepic and Cuk power converters. Simulation results are presented. The prototype is built to demonstrate the theoretical prediction. The proposed boost topology is simple, with straightforward control [the same as pulse-width modulation (PWM)]


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