Split current quantum cellular automata: device and logic gates

TitleSplit current quantum cellular automata: device and logic gates
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsWalus, K., R. A. Budiman, M. Mazur, G. A. Jullien, and G. Schulhof
Conference NameNanotechnology, 2004. 4th IEEE Conference on
Pagination216 - 219
Date Publishedaug.
Keywordscell interaction, cellular automata, circuit realization, heterostructure device geometry, logic gates, majority gate, majority logic, nanoelectronics, nonlinear cell-cell response function, quantum gates, resonant tunnelling diodes, semiconductor device model, semiconductor device models, semiconductor device simulation, semiconductor quantum cellular automata cell, split current quantum cellular automata

In this paper, we propose an alternative heterostructure device geometry to realize a semiconductor quantum cellular automata (QCA) cell. This device, called a split current quantum cellular automata (SCQCA) cell, has some attractive features which may enable the fabrication and circuit realization of QCA systems with current fabrication technologies. We present the device model and simulation results by incorporating this model in QCADesigner, a design and simulation tool for QCA. The simulations consist of the two cell interaction, showing the nonlinear cell-cell response function, a short wire, as well as the majority gate created with a cross pattern of five QCA cells.


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