Non-self-embedding context-free grammars for multi-function radar modeling - electronic warfare application

TitleNon-self-embedding context-free grammars for multi-function radar modeling - electronic warfare application
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsVisnevski, N. A., F. A. Dilkes, S. Haykin, and V. Krishnamurthy
Conference NameRadar Conference, 2005 IEEE International
Pagination669 - 674
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordscontext-free grammars, electronic warfare, electronic warfare application, finite state automata, finite state machines, hierarchical signal waveform, multifunction radar modeling, nonself-embedding context-free grammar, radar signal processing, radar signal processing algorithm, range resolution, signal representation, signal resolution, software control algorithm, syntactic modeling, telecommunication computing

Multi-function radars (MFRs) exploit flexible and sophisticated software control algorithms that enable them to perform multiple functions (tracking, acquisition, range resolution and search) virtually simultaneously. They can engage multiple targets at once, and employ complex hierarchical signal waveforms to achieve these goals. From the standpoint of the field of electronic warfare (EW), MFRs present a very serious threat. Traditional EW radar signal processing algorithms are not well suited for the level of structure and complexity found in MFR signals. In this paper, we present a new MFR modeling methodology. We consider the signals from an MFR to be strings from some formal language that can be modeled by a compact syntactic representation called the non-self-embedding context-free grammar (NSE CFG). We then describe a procedure that allows conversion of such an NSE CFG model of the radar into a finite state machine. Thus, the rich and well-established theory of finite-state automata can be directly applied to the EW signal processing of MFRs.


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