Micromachined intraluminal devices for active and passive electromagnetic measurements of flow

TitleMicromachined intraluminal devices for active and passive electromagnetic measurements of flow
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsTakahata, K., and Y. B. Gianchandani
Conference NameMicro Electro Mechanical Systems, 2005. MEMS 2005. 18th IEEE International Conference on
Pagination863 - 866
Date Publishedjan.
Keywordsactive electromagnetic measurements, angioplasty balloon, blood flow measurement, electromagnetic transduction, flow measurement, intraluminal blood flow, magnetic field, microelectrodischarge machining, micromachined intraluminal devices, micromachining, micromechanical devices, passive electromagnetic measurements, ring-shaped intraluminal stainless steel cuff

This paper outlines architectures for implantable (active and passive) sub-systems intended for monitoring of intraluminal blood flow by electromagnetic transduction, and presents the fabrication and test results of select components within these sub-systems. Central to both schemes is a ring-shaped intraluminal stainless steel cuff with two electrodes. In the presence of a magnetic field, it produces a voltage proportional to the flow velocity. It is fabricated by micro-electro-discharge machining and deployed by an angioplasty balloon. Cuffs deployed within 3-mm i.d. silicone tubes demonstrate linear and symmetric responses of 3.1-4.3 mu;V per cm/sec over 180 cm/sec with magnetic fields of about 0.25 T. In the passive monitoring scheme, voltage from the cuff modulates a varactor that is also connected to an antenna stent (stentenna). This approach is explored using a hybrid diode for the varactor and a stentenna deployed within a mock artery. Preliminary tests in saline indicate that an external transmitting coil will experience shifts in phase spectrum of 2.0-3.3 KHz/mV of output from the cuff.


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