Fine surface finishing method for 3-dimensional micro structures

TitleFine surface finishing method for 3-dimensional micro structures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsTakahata, K., S. Aoki, and T. Sato
Conference NameMicro Electro Mechanical Systems, 1996, MEMS '96, Proceedings. 'An Investigation of Micro Structures, Sensors, Actuators, Machines and Systems'. IEEE, The 9th Annual International Workshop on
Pagination73 -78
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywords3-D microstructures, 3-dimensional micro structures, Al2O3, cylindrical substrate, ECM, electrochemical machining, electrolytic machining, fine abrasive grains, fine surface finishing, fine surfaces, MEMS, micro mechanical components, micro wobble motor, micro-EDM, micromachining, micromechanical devices, micromotors, mirror-like surface, rotor, selected micro-area, sequential process, shape accuracy, stainless steel, surface treatment, workpiece handling

We developed a new finishing method using an advanced ECM (electrochemical machining) assisted by fine abrasive grains in order to finish surfaces of 3-dimensional micro components used in MEMS. With the method, a fine surface of selected micro-area, which is not obtained by micro-EDM (electrodischarge machining) nor conventional ECM, is created in a few minutes. We also developed an advanced machine which has a performance to make 3-D complicated micro structures with fine surfaces by the combination of the micro-EDM and the developed finishing method. The performance is achieved by a sequential process without workpiece handling from the micro-EDM to the finishing. Using the new machine, we obtained a high precision shaft with a mirror-like surface. The result is satisfactory to apply the method to make a cylindrical substrate for a rotor of micro wobble motor. We are sure that the process will be applied to producing practical micro mechanical components


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