A built-in current monitor for testing analog circuit blocks

TitleA built-in current monitor for testing analog circuit blocks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsTabatabaei, S., and A. Ivanov
Conference NameCircuits and Systems, 1999. ISCAS '99. Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE International Symposium on
Pagination109 -114 vol.2
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsanalog circuit block testing, BIST applications, built-in current monitor, built-in self test, current integrator circuit, digital signature generation, electric current measurement, embedded analog circuits, high current measurement sensitivity, integrated circuit testing, integrating circuits, mixed analogue-digital integrated circuits, mixed-signal ICs, monitoring, supply current measurement

A novel built-in current (BIC) monitor circuit is proposed for supply current (IDD) measurement and testing of embedded analog circuits. The BIC monitor provides high current measurement sensitivity without introducing a large impedance in the IDD path. It also includes a current integrator circuit which generates a digital signature proportional to the average IDD (I macr; D macr;D macr;). The integrator uses only small capacitors (totaling 74 pF), 4 comparators, 14 switches and a counter to perform integration over a long time (1 ms) window and to digitize I macr; D macr;D macr;. The monitor occupies a small area and is suitable for BIST applications on mixed-signal ICs


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