Experiences in industry-university wireless technology collaboration

TitleExperiences in industry-university wireless technology collaboration
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsScholefield, C., V. C. M. Leung, and H. A. Alnuweiri
Conference NameTechnologies for Wireless Applications, 1999. Digest. 1999 IEEE MTT-S Symposium on
Pagination129 -131
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywordscompetition, contractual arrangements, education, electronics industry, industrial property, industry-university wireless technology collaboration, intellectual enquiry, intellectual property, long-term focus, radiocommunication, short-term focus

Universities and industry have different paradigms by which they measure success. Universities have a long-term focus of intellectual enquiry, while industry has a short-term focus dictated by rapidly changing competition. Certain obstacles such as contractual arrangements and intellectual property considerations can obstruct the free-flow of ideas between university and industry. Ideas are presented on how the university-industry relationship may be enhanced


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