DF-DD for channels with phase noise

TitleDF-DD for channels with phase noise
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsSchober, R., L. Lampe, Y. Ma, and S. Pasupathy
Conference NameCommunications, 2003. ICC '03. IEEE International Conference on
Pagination1248 - 1252 vol.2
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordsautomatic repeat request, decision-feedback differential detection schemes, differential detection, differential phase shift keying, error floor, expectation maximization, feedback, feedback filter, multiple-symbol detection, phase noise, radio receivers, telecommunication channels

In this paper, we design decision-feedback differential detection (DF-DD) schemes for channels with phase noise. If the DF-DD feedback filter is properly optimized, a performance similar to that of more complex, some reported schemes based on multiple-symbol detection [K. Kiasaleh (December 1997)] and expectation maximization (EM) [E. Chiavaccini and G.M. Vitetta (December 2001)] can be achieved. However, it is also shown that an error floor is unavoidable. In contrast to previously proposed receivers for channels with phase noise, the DF-DD receiver can be made robust against unknown frequency offsets by introducing a simple linear constraint.


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