Balancing Hall-Effect Signals in Low-Precision Brushless DC Motors

TitleBalancing Hall-Effect Signals in Low-Precision Brushless DC Motors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsSamoylenko, N., Q. Han, and J. Jatskevich
Conference NameApplied Power Electronics Conference, APEC 2007 - 22nd Annual IEEE
Pagination606 -611
Date Publishedfeb.

Brushless dc motors with Hall sensors are widely used in various electromechanical applications. These machines have been often considered in the literature, under one common assumption - ideal placement of the sensors, which is often not true, especially for the low-precision motors. The misalignment of Hall sensors leads to unbalanced operation of the inverter and motor phases, which in turn results in increased low-frequency harmonics in torque ripple and possible acoustic noise. This paper describes a straightforward technique to mitigate the influence of unbalanced sensors on the performance of the brushless dc motor drive system. The proposed method uses moving-average filtering of the Hall sensor signals to achieve performance characteristics very close to those of a motor with perfectly balanced Hall sensors. A verification study is performed to validate the analysis.


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