Multi-sensor track controls for excavator based machines

TitleMulti-sensor track controls for excavator based machines
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsSaeedi, P., P. D. Lawrence, D. G. Lowe, and P. Jacobsen
Secondary AuthorsChu, H. W., J. Ferrer, and J. M. Pineda
JournalCCCT 2003, Vol3, Proceedings

This paper describes a multi-sensor control system for motion control of a tracked vehicle (an excavator). The system includes several controllers that collaborate to move the mobile vehicle on a predefined path. A fuzzy logic path-tracking controller estimates the rotational and translational velocities for the vehicle to move along the predesigned path. A cross-coupling controller corrects the possible orientation error that may occur when moving along curvatures. A vision-based motion tracking system finds the 3D motion of the vehicle as it moves in the working environment. Finally, a specially designed slippage controller detects and corrects slippage by comparing the motion through reading of flowmeters and the vision system. Experiments are conducted to test and verify the presented system. An analysis of the results shows that improvement is achieved in both path-tracking accuracy and slippage control problems.

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