The pull-in of symmetrically and asymmetrically driven microstructures and the use in DC voltage references

TitleThe pull-in of symmetrically and asymmetrically driven microstructures and the use in DC voltage references
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRocha, L. A., E. Cretu, and R. F. Wolffenbuttel
Conference NameInstrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2002. IMTC/2002. Proceedings of the 19th IEEE
Pagination759 - 764 vol.1
Keywords10.5 to 11 V, 9.1 to 9.5 V, asymmetrically driven microstructures, DC voltage reference, electrostatic actuators, electrostatically actuated microbeams, epi-poly process, equilibrium point coordinates, freestanding lateral beam, hysteresis, integrated silicon microsystems, local continuation method, long-term device stability, measurement standards, mechanical stability, micromachining, on-chip voltage reference, pull-in microstructure, reproducible pull-in voltage, static pull-in, surface micromachining, symmetrically driven microstructures, Taylor series, two dimensional energy-based analytical model, voltage measurement

Micromechanical structures have been designed, fabricated in silicon and tested for use as on-chip voltage reference Applications are in electrical metrology and in integrated silicon Microsystems. Microbeams of 100 mu;m length, 3 mu;m width and 11 mu;m thickness are electrostatically actuated with a very reproducible pull-in voltage. The structure can be either symmetrically or asymmetrically actuated, resulting in different pull-in voltages, as well as different operational specifications e.g. hysteresis and reproducibility. A two dimensional energy-based analytical model for the static pull-in is derived for both actuation types and compared with measurements. Devices have been designed and fabricated in an epi-poly process. Measurements show a pull-in voltage in the 9.1-9.5 V range for the asymmetric case and 10.5-11 V range for the symmetric case, both in agreement with modeling.


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