High accuracy optical electric field and voltage sensors

TitleHigh accuracy optical electric field and voltage sensors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRahmatian, F., and N. A. F. Jaeger
Conference NameOptical Fiber Sensors Conference Technical Digest, 2002. ofS 2002, 15th
Pagination411 - 414 vol.1
KeywordsANSI standards, detection unit, EFS sensor-head, electric field measurement, electronics module integration, fibre optic sensors, galvanic isolation, high accuracy HV applications, high voltage environments, high-voltage engineering, IEC standards, IEEE standards, IEEE/ANSI standards, input light intensity variation, light source, optical electric field sensors, optical fiber interconnections, optical voltage sensor system, opto-electronic components, Pockels cell optical electric field sensor system, Pockels effect, processing unit, revenue metering, volt-ampere meters, voltage measurement, wide temperature range

In this paper, we present an optical electric field and voltage sensor system having features that allow for reliable and very accurate measurement of electric fields and voltages in a HV environment. It is designed to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements of IEC or IEEE/ANSI standards for revenue metering over a wide temperature range and under varying input light intensity. The optical electric field sensor (EFS) system is based on a Pockels cell. The light source, the detection unit, and the processing unit are made of electronic (and opto-electronic) components and are integrated in a single electronics module. Optical fibers effectively guide the light between the electronics module and the sensor-head in the high voltage environment and provide galvanic isolation between these environments.


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