An ultrahigh-speed AlGaAs-GaAs polarization converter using slow-wave coplanar electrodes

TitleAn ultrahigh-speed AlGaAs-GaAs polarization converter using slow-wave coplanar electrodes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsRahmatian, F., N. A. F. Jaeger, R. James, and E. Berolo
JournalPhotonics Technology Letters, IEEE
Pagination675 -677
Date Publishedmay.
Keywords20 GHz, 40 GHz, AlGaAs-GaAs, AlGaAs-GaAs substrate, aluminium compounds, electro-optical modulation, electrodes, fabrication, flat frequency response, gallium arsenide, high-speed optical techniques, III-V semiconductors, microwave characteristics, microwave index, microwave loss, microwave measurement, optical communication equipment, optical fabrication, optical fibre communication, optical measurements, optical planar waveguides, optical waveguide components, ridge waveguides, semiconductor heterojunctions, slow wave structures, slow-wave coplanar electrodes, slow-wave coplanar-strip electrodes, ultrahigh-speed polarization converter, wide-band electrooptic polarization converter

A wide-band electrooptic polarization converter has been fabricated using slow-wave coplanar-strip electrodes on an AlGaAs-GaAs substrate. Microwave characteristics of the electrode have been measured up to 40 GHz. The microwave loss and the microwave index at 40 GHz are 0.4 Np/cm and 3.4, respectively. The optical measurements were done up to 20 GHz; a flat frequency response was observed


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