Regional Signal-Delay Analysis Applied to High-Frequency Carbon Nanotube FETs

TitleRegional Signal-Delay Analysis Applied to High-Frequency Carbon Nanotube FETs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsPulfrey, D. L., L. C. Castro, D. L. John, and M. Vaidyanathan
JournalNanotechnology, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination711 -717
Date Publishednov.
Keywordscarbon nanotubes, channel region, delays, field effect transistors, field-effect transistor, high-frequency carbon nanotube, high-frequency carbon nanotube FETs, nanotube devices, signal-delay analysis, space-charge regions modulation, tunneling

A regional signal-delay analysis is presented for field-effect transistors intended for operation at very high frequencies. For the example used here of a doped-contact carbon nanotube field-effect transistor, the analysis reveals that tunneling into the channel region of the device, and modulation of the space-charge regions in the source and drain adjacent to the channel, are the principal contributors to the overall delay. A recently proposed lower limit to the signal delay time in the channel is critically examined via the introduction of a local signal velocity.


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