Generalized system design and analysis of PWM based power electronic converters

TitleGeneralized system design and analysis of PWM based power electronic converters
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsPonnaluri, S., V. Krishnamurthy, and V. Kanetkar
Conference NameIndustry Applications Conference, 2000. Conference Record of the 2000 IEEE
Pagination1972 -1979 vol.3
Keywordscommercially available power devices, frequency domain analysis, frequency-domain analysis, Matlab, modular analysis program, PWM based power electronic converters, PWM power convertors, signals reconstruction, STATCOM, static VAr compensators, steady state solution, step by step analysis, step by step design, time domain analysis, time-domain analysis

In this paper a new way for designing and analyzing the PWM based converters is presented. Frequency domain analysis is used for performance evaluation and signals are reconstructed into the time domain wherever necessary. Frequency domain analysis does not need any initial conditions and directly determines the steady state solution. A specific case study of STATCOM is presented in this paper with step by step design and analysis for commercially available power devices. The analysis program is modular and can be easily adapted for various applications. MATLAB is used for the computation. Using the output of the program specifications for various components can be generated


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