Development of integral passive components for multilayer organic MCMs at millimeter wave frequencies

TitleDevelopment of integral passive components for multilayer organic MCMs at millimeter wave frequencies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsPham, A. - V. H., V. Krishnamurthy, D. Bates, W. Marcinkewicz, B. Schmanski, R. Saia, and L. Sprinceanu
JournalAdvanced Packaging, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination98 -101
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywords20 dB, 50 GHz, design rules, direct integration, integral passive components, integrated circuit packaging, Kapton flex, millimeter wave frequencies, millimetre wave integrated circuits, molecular electronics, multichip modules, multilayer Kapton films, multilayer organic multichip module, resistivity, return loss, Ta2N, Ta2N thin-film resistors, tantalum compounds, thin film resistors, ultra-wide band terminator

We present the design and development of Ta2N thin-film resistors for the multilayer organic multichip module (MCM) at microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. The Ta2N thin-film resistors are integrated directly onto multilayer Kapton films and achieve a resistivity of 12.5 Omega;/sq. to 25 Omega;/sq. Several Ta2N thin-film resistor structures have been fabricated and electrically characterized up to 50 GHz to develop design rules for this process. For the first time, an ultra-wide band terminator has been developed and integrated on Kapton flex using Ta2N thin-film resistors. The measured results of this circuit demonstrate a return loss of less than 20-dB over a 50-GHz bandwidth


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