Transmission congestion relief solutions by load management

TitleTransmission congestion relief solutions by load management
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsNiu, Y., Y. L. Cong, and T. Niimura
Conference NameElectrical and Computer Engineering, 2002. IEEE CCECE 2002. Canadian Conference on
Pagination18 - 23 vol.1
Keywordsbus marginal costs, competitive power systems, control system analysis computing, costing, deregulated power systems, electricity price reductions, electricity supply industry, IEEE 14 bus system, load management, optimal power flow, power system analysis computing, power transmission control, power transmission economics, security threats, strategic market power, transmission congestion relief solutions

In deregulated and competitive power systems, congestion in the transmission system can pose a major problem that is not only a physical threat to the security but also results in severe price hikes due to limited generation resources in particular local areas. One possible solution to such a problem is to find a customer who will volunteer to lower its consumption of electricity when transmission system congestion occurs. By lowering the consumption, the congestion will disappear resulting in a significant reduction in prices based on bus marginal costs. A strategy to decide who will be the most likely volunteer and how much load should be curtailed is proposed here. We have conducted simulation tests on a modified IEEE 14 bus system using security-constrained optimal power flow. The anticipated effect of the proposed congestion relief solution is to encourage consumers to be elastic against high prices of electricity as well as to discourage suppliers from exercising strategic market power to manipulate prices by taking advantage of congestion. Hence, the proposed congestion relief procedure could eventually protect all customers from high electricity prices in a deregulated environment.


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