Direct phase-domain modelling of frequency-dependent overhead transmission lines

TitleDirect phase-domain modelling of frequency-dependent overhead transmission lines
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsNguyen, H. V., H. W. Dommel, and J. R. Marti
JournalPower Delivery, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1335 -1342
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsdirect phase-domain modelling, electromagnetic transients programs, EMTP, frequency-dependent overhead transmission lines, frequency-domain program, line functions synthesis, power overhead lines, power system analysis computing, power system transients, power transmission lines, recursive convolutions, steady-state conditions, time-domain analysis, time-domain models, transient conditions, transmission line theory, untransposed overhead transmission lines, wideband transmission line model

A new wideband transmission line model, based on synthesizing the line functions directly in the phase domain, is presented. It includes the complete frequency-dependent nature of untransposed overhead transmission lines by means of recursive convolutions over a wide frequency range. The model belongs to the class of time-domain models and is designed to be implemented in general electromagnetic transients programs such as the EMTP. Because the synthesis of the frequency-dependent modal transformation matrix is avoided, the method requires fewer convolutions at each time step than full frequency-dependent modal-domain models. Simulations have been performed comparing the proposed model with existing line models, with field recordings, and with calculations from a frequency-domain program. The new model provides accurate answers in both steady-state and transient conditions


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