A Fast Video Motion Estimation Algorithm for the H.264 Standard

TitleA Fast Video Motion Estimation Algorithm for the H.264 Standard
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsNasiopoulos, P., and M. Von Dem Knesebeck
Conference NameMultimedia and Expo, 2006 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination701 -704
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordscode standards, computational complexity, full search method, H.264 video-coding standard, mobile device, mobile radio, motion estimation, real-time application, real-time systems, video coding, video motion estimation algorithm

Video applications are becoming an essential component for mobile devices. H.264, the latest video-coding standard, shows significant potential in terms of bandwidth savings at the cost of substantially increased complexity compared to former standards. The computing power currently available on mobile devices is not sufficient to allow high quality real-time encoding using H.264. Our algorithm uses on average only 0.41% of the computational complexity of the full search method used by H.264, leading to a significant reduction in computational requirements and enabling real-time applications for mobile devices with the efficiency of H.264


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