An improved error concealment algorithm for intra-frames in H.264/AVC

TitleAn improved error concealment algorithm for intra-frames in H.264/AVC
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsNasiopoulos, P., L. Coria-Mendozal, H. Mansour, and A. Golikeri
Conference NameCircuits and Systems, 2005. ISCAS 2005. IEEE International Symposium on
Pagination320 - 323 Vol. 1
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordscode standards, error concealment algorithm, error correction codes, FMO type slices, H.264/AVC, intra-coded frames, mobile devices, performance evaluations, PSNR, raster scan, redundancy, subjective picture quality, temporal redundancy, video coding, wireless video bitstream

The highly error-prone nature of wireless environments and limited computational power of mobile devices necessitates the implementation of robust yet simple error concealment in H.264/AVC. We propose a new and effective error concealment algorithm for intra-coded frames that utilizes the temporal redundancy in a wireless video bitstream. The proposed concealment method supports both raster scan and FMO type slices. Performance evaluations show that our approach achieves significant improvement over existing methods in both PSNR and subjective picture quality.


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