Effective multi-program broadcasting of prerecorded video using VBR MPEG-2 coding

TitleEffective multi-program broadcasting of prerecorded video using VBR MPEG-2 coding
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsNasiopoulos, P., and R. K. Ward
JournalBroadcasting, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination207 - 214
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsbandwidth usage, broadcast satellite networks, digital TV broadcast, digital video broadcasting, direct broadcasting by satellite, high definition television, high definition TV, MPEG-2 transcoders, multi-program broadcasting, picture quality, prerecorded video, QoS, quality of service, real-time broadcasting, telecommunication channels, variable rate codes, VBR coding, video coding, video on demand, video server technology, video servers

The tradeoff between picture quality and bandwidth usage is a prominent issue in the world of broadcasting. Since broadcasters are able to transmit multiple streams simultaneously in a channel, they face the challenge of guaranteeing the contracted picture quality required by each of the transmitted video streams while maximizing the number of video streams carried in each channel. We have developed an easy to implement MPEG-2 based multi-program video coding system suitable for digital TV broadcast, video on demand, and high definition TV over broadcast satellite networks with limited bandwidth. Compared to present broadcast systems and for the same level of contracted picture quality, our system greatly increases the number of video streams transmitted in each channel. As a result, either a large number of transponders can be freed to carry real-time broadcasting or the level of picture quality can be significantly increased. By switching from tape storage to video server technology, the need for numerous playback (VTR) systems at the headend is eliminated. In addition, the most of the complete MPEG-2 encoders are replaced by much less complex MPEG-2 transcoders. All this means a much more cost-effective solution for broadcast stations.


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