Bandwidth assignment for VBR traffic in broadband satellite networks

TitleBandwidth assignment for VBR traffic in broadband satellite networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsMobasseri, M., and V. C. M. Leung
Conference NameElectrical and Computer Engineering, 2000 Canadian Conference on
Pagination654 -658 vol.2
Keywordsaccess protocols, asynchronous transfer mode, ATM-based broadband satellite network, bandwidth allocation, broadband networks, bursty traffic, CFDAMA, combined FBA/CFDAMA, combined free/demand assignment, DAMA, delay jitter, delays, demand assigned multiple access, demand assignment, fixed bandwidth assignment, geostationary satellite, jitter, long propagation delay, MAC protocols, MAC schemes, medium access control, onboard bandwidth assignment, packet radio networks, performance, performance measures, power limitations, QoS, quality of service, satellite communication, simulations, telecommunication traffic, throughput, VBR traffic

There has been growing interest in broadband satellite networks lately. The unique characteristics of satellites such as long propagation delay, limited bandwidth to be shared among many users, and power limitations necessitate the use of appropriate medium access control (MAC) schemes for bandwidth assignment, particularly in applications with bursty traffic. This paper presents a study of MAC protocols in providing quality of service (QoS) in an ATM-based broadband satellite network, with individual users generating VBR traffic. We consider a geostationary satellite with onboard bandwidth assignment capability, and evaluate by simulations the performance of MAC schemes including fixed bandwidth assignment (FBA), demand assignment (DAMA), combined free/demand assignment (CFDAMA), and combined FBA/CFDAMA. The performance measures include delay, delay jitter, and throughput


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