Game-theoretic missile deflection in network centric warfare

TitleGame-theoretic missile deflection in network centric warfare
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMaskery, M., V. Krishnamurthy, and C. O'Regan
Conference NameNetworking, Sensing and Control, 2005. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE
Pagination478 - 483
Date Publishedmar.
Keywordsdecentralised control, decentralized missile deflection algorithm, game theory, game-theoretic missile deflection, missiles, Nash equilibrium, network centric warfare, ships flotilla, stochastic shortest path game

We construct a model for a distributed network of agents charged with defending a flotilla of ships and investigate how they can achieve their objective in a distributed manner. The dynamics of the model and the objectives are studied in detail, and a decentralized missile deflection algorithm based on solving a stochastic shortest path game is given. The main result is a complete formulation of the missile deflection problem as a stochastic shortest path game, and a distributed algorithm for computing the Nash equilibrium when the game is purely collaborative.


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