Real-time EMTP-based transients simulation

TitleReal-time EMTP-based transients simulation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsMarti, J. R., and L. R. Linares
JournalPower Systems, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1309 -1317
Date Publishedaug.
Keywords38 to 107 mus, computer program, digital simulation, EMTP-based transients simulation, IBM RISC System/6000 Model 560 workstation, maximum performance, power system analysis computing, power system protection, power system transients, protective relaying equipment testing, real time simulation, real-time systems, real-time testing, reduced instruction set computing, relay protection, superscalar computer architectures

A computer program has been written for the simulation of power system transients in real time. The program is based on EMTP models and solution techniques optimized for maximum performance in superscalar computer architectures. Timings ranging from 38 to 107 mu;s have been obtained for systems from 18 to 30 nodes using an IBM RISC System/6000 Model 560 workstation. These timings are considered adequate for real-time testing of protective relaying equipment. The program is compatible with existing EMTP data cases


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