Delay-Aware Rate Control for Multi-User Scalable Video Streaming Over Mobile Wireless Networks

TitleDelay-Aware Rate Control for Multi-User Scalable Video Streaming Over Mobile Wireless Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMansour, H., V. Krishnamurthy, and P. Nasiopoulos
Conference NameWireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2008. IWCMC '08. International
Pagination476 -481
Date Publishedaug.
Keywords3GPP network simulator, analytical expression, capacity aware rate allocation, channel capacity, delay-aware rate control, end-to-end distortion, mobile radio, mobile wireless networks, multiuser scalable video streaming, packet delay, packet loss rates, protected scalable video, rate allocation, telecommunication control, unequal erasure protection, unequal error protection, video streaming, wireless video streaming

In this paper, we propose a delay and capacity constrained multi-user scalable video streaming scheme that improves the average end-to-end distortion of transmitted video streams compared to traditional streaming strategies. Wireless video streaming applications are characterized by their bandwidth-intensity, delay-sensitivity, and loss-tolerance. Our main contributions include: (i) an analytical expression for packet delay and play-out deadline of unequal erasure protection (UXP) protected scalable video, (ii) an analysis of the performance of delay-aware, capacity-aware rate allocation for optimized UXP streaming scenarios, (iii) proof that unequal error protection causes a rate-constrained optimization problem to be non-convex. Performance evaluations using a 3GPP network simulator show that, for different channel capacities and packet loss rates, delay- aware non-stationary rate-allocation delivers significant gains which range between 1.65 dB to 2 dB in average Y-PSNR of the received video streams over delay-unaware strategies. These gains come at a cost of increased off-line computation which is performed prior to the streaming session and therefore, do not affect the run-time performance of the streaming system. .


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