Real-time DVB-MHP to Blu-ray system information transcoding

TitleReal-time DVB-MHP to Blu-ray system information transcoding
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMai, Z., P. Nasiopoulos, R. Ward, and S. Infante
JournalConsumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination639 -647
Date Publishedmay.
KeywordsBlu-ray system information transcoding, data retrieval scheme, digital video broadcast - multimedia home platform format, digital video broadcasting, DVD technology, interactive television, interactive TV services, multimedia communication, transcoding, video coding

The demand for interactive TV services is rapidly increasing. Most of the interactive TV systems are based on the DVB-MHP (digital video broadcast - multimedia home platform) format. Given the unprecedented success of DVD technology and its already established installed base, it is definitely in the interest of manufactures and end-users to be able to play back DVB-MHP iTV content using a Blu-ray player. This study addresses how such programs could be played by the Blu-ray system in real-time. One of the main challenges in realizing this compatibility is the conversion of the "system information " data. These data carry the information about the broadcasting programs and services. This paper first analyzes the differences in system information between the two standards, DVB-MHP and Blu-ray; mainly the information each standard requires, where this information is stored, and how it is organized. We then propose methods to transcode this information in real-time. To derive the data required to generate the Blu-ray system information from a transport stream, we propose a data retrieval scheme that avoids fully demultiplexing a transport stream. To extract the needed information from the DVB-MHP video stream, we propose an efficient search algorithm. Finally, an improved structure that transcodes the incoming system information is developed. This transcoder only transcodes the updated versions of the system information and at the same time keeps the rate at which this information is transmitted to the Blu-ray system the same as that in DVB-MHP.


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