A new method to support UMTS/WLAN vertical handover using SCTP

TitleA new method to support UMTS/WLAN vertical handover using SCTP
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsMa, L., F. Yu, V. C. M. Leung, and T. Randhawa
Conference NameVehicular Technology Conference, 2003. VTC 2003-Fall. 2003 IEEE 58th
Pagination1788 - 1792 Vol.3
Date Publishedoct.
Keywords3G mobile communication, dynamic address reconfiguration, mobile IP, multihoming capability, protocols, session initiation protocol, stream control transmission protocol, UMTS, vertical handover, wireless LAN, WLAN networks

This paper proposes a new method to facilitate seamless vertical handover (VHO) between UMTS and WLAN networks using the stream control transmission protocol (SCTP). The multi-homing capability and dynamic address reconfiguration (DAR) extension of SCTP are applied in UMTS/WLAN overlay architecture to decrease VHO delay and improve throughput performance. Unlike techniques based on mobile IP (MIP) or session initiation protocol (SIP), the SCTP-based VHO scheme does not require the addition of components such as home/foreign agents or SIP server to the existing networks. Therefore the proposed scheme provides a network-independent solution that is preferred by service providers. Performance evaluations are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.


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