Multi-pinhole wide-angle high-resolution light position detector

TitleMulti-pinhole wide-angle high-resolution light position detector
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsMa, C. C. H., C. K. Tan, and P. D. Lawrence
JournalInstrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination195 -200
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywords2D angular position, angular measurement, angular position-detecting system, CCD area image sensor, CCD image sensors, computerised instrumentation, curve fitting, curve-fitting, high resolution, image processing, light source, mask, multi-pinhole wide-angle high-resolution light position detector, multiple images, multiple pinholes, point light source, position measurement

A point light source angular position-detecting system with wide operating range and high resolution is developed. The sensing part consists of a simple mask with multiple pinholes to cast multiple images of a point light source onto a single CCD area image sensor. The 2D angular position of the light source is computed from results of curve-fitting through the image positions. The computational burden is low, yet an unusually wide operating angle at high resolution throughout is achieved with a single image sensor


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