Accounting for Wind Effects on Fixed Wireless Channels in Suburban Macrocell Environments

TitleAccounting for Wind Effects on Fixed Wireless Channels in Suburban Macrocell Environments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsLiou, A., W. Muneer, K. N. Sivertsen, and D. G. Michelson
Conference NameVehicular Technology Conference, 2008. VTC 2008-Fall. IEEE 68th
Pagination1 -4
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordscellular arrays, Doppler measurement, equivalent maximum Doppler frequency, fixed wireless Doppler spectra fits, fixed wireless macrocell channels, Ricean K-factor, Rician channels, suburban macrocell environments, wind effects, wireless channels

Based upon coherent (amplitude and phase) received signal strength data collected over fixed wireless macrocell channels at almost 100 locations in residential, campus and open area environments near the University of British Columbia, we have shown that Thoen's model for fixed wireless Doppler spectra fits observed Doppler spectra remarkably well. This allows us to extract the equivalent maximum Doppler frequency for such channels and determine both: (1) its marginal distribution, which is surprisingly narrow, and (2) its joint distribution with Ricean K-factor and wind speed in typical suburban macrocell environments. Incorporating wind effects into the model helps us to improve the accuracy of the model by helping us account for the differences between the wind speed distributions observed during the measurement campaigns and those observed over the long term.


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