Issues in the Estimation of Ricean K-Factor from Correlated Samples

TitleIssues in the Estimation of Ricean K-Factor from Correlated Samples
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLiou, A. E. - N., H. H. - H. Huang, and D. G. Michelson
Conference NameVehicular Technology Conference, 2006. VTC-2006 Fall. 2006 IEEE 64th
Pagination1 -4
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordschannel estimation, channel state estimation, Monte Carlo methods, Monte Carlo simulations, radio resource management, Ricean K-factor, Rician channels, wireless channels

Knowledge of the Ricean K-factor is important for accurate assessment and simulation of wireless channels, particularly those in which both terminals are stationary and a strong line-of-sight or fixed component exists. While previous work has focused on development of novel K-factor estimators, the practical matter of determining the minimum number of samples N (or minimum sample duration T) required to estimate K to within a specified confidence interval sigmaK has not received much attention. Here, for the case of a simple moment-based K-factor estimator, we use Monte Carlo simulations to show how N and T depend upon the value of K, the confidence interval sigmaK, the correlation between successive samples, and the sampling interval DeltaT. The results will be useful to those who use such an estimator in practical systems for the purposes of channel state estimation and/or radio resource management.


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