A Practical Tutorial on an IGBT Drive

TitleA Practical Tutorial on an IGBT Drive
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLind, M. G. J., and W. G. Dunford
Conference NameIndustrial Electronics, 2006 IEEE International Symposium on
Pagination955 -959
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsbootstrap circuits, bootstrap technology, circuit board, desaturation, drive circuitry, driver circuits, IGBT drive, insulated gate bipolar transistors, network synthesis, short circuit current detection, short-circuit currents

This study presents a comprehensive and economical implementation of a drive circuitry for IGBTs based on the bootstrap technology. The drive is designed for medium power levels. The circuit includes desaturation and short circuit current detection. The development of the drive is explained from a practical standpoint, and the design is implemented on a circuit board and evaluated through laboratory experiments. The experimental results show that the designed circuit performed according to the specifications


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