Efficient MPEG-2 encoding of interlaced video

TitleEfficient MPEG-2 encoding of interlaced video
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsLee, Y. W., F. Kossentini, and R. Ward
JournalCanadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering-Revue Canadienne de genie electrique et informatique

The MPEG-2 standard provides the enabling technology for a wide variety of applications such as satellite broadcasting and CATV. We present an MPEG-2-compliant interlaced video encoder that employs an efficient macroblock coding mode selection method, a simple motion vector prediction technique, and a computation constrained motion vector search algorithm. The macroblock coding mode is selected based on a rate-distortion criterion. However, a computational analysis as well as predictive and statistical modelling techniques are introduced that lead to substantially better computation-performance trade-offs. The proposed MPEG-2 video encoder is shown experimentally to outperform the MPEG-2 TM5 encoder, expressed in a 15-60% reduction in bit rate and/or a 1.5-25 dB increase in objective quality. Besides its compression advantage, our encoder requires less than 0.5% of the number of computations required by the TM5.

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