An ATM scheduler supporting all adaptation alternatives for real-time services

TitleAn ATM scheduler supporting all adaptation alternatives for real-time services
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsLe Pocher, H., V. C. M. Leung, and D. Gillies
Conference NameGlobal Telecommunications Conference, 1998. GLOBECOM 98. The Bridge to Global Integration. IEEE
Pagination433 -438 vol.1
Keywordsasynchronous transfer mode, ATM multiplexing, ATM scheduler, ATM transmission, cell loss, delayed frame queueing, delays, digital simulation, explicit bounds, jitter, jitter bound, network adapter functions, network simulation results, nontrivial bounds, packet switching, queueing jitter, queueing theory, real-time ATM services, real-time services, real-time systems, source clock recovery, synchronisation, telecommunication networks, telecommunication services, traffic integration, voice communication, voice over ATM

This paper presents enhancements of the delayed frame queueing (DFQ) ATM transmission and multiplexing strategy to provide a wide range of explicit and nontrivial bounds for queueing jitter. This enables a wide range of adaptation alternatives for real-time ATM services such as voice over ATM. Network simulation results indicate that DFQ can offer a very tight jitter bound, not exceeding 1 ms, with no significant increase in cell loss compared to the case where a trivial jitter bound of 13 ms is guaranteed. We discuss many examples of how this has major implications on the preferred alternatives, chosen by clients, for implementing various network adapter functions such as source clock recovery for voice


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