Selection diversity in non-identically distributed Nakagami fading channels

TitleSelection diversity in non-identically distributed Nakagami fading channels
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKwan, R., and C. Leung
Conference NameAdvances in Wired and Wireless Communication, 2005 IEEE/Sarnoff Symposium on
Pagination192 -195
Date Publishedapr.
Keywords3G mobile communication, 3GPP cellular standard, achievable bit rates, adaptive codes, adaptive coding, adaptive modulation, adaptive modulation-coding, CDMA system, cellular radio, channel signal-to-noise ratio, channel SNR, closed-form expressions, cumulative distribution function, diversity reception, fading channels, high speed downlink packet access channel, independent Nakagami fading channels, modulation coding, moment generating function, multicode transmission, nonidentically distributed Nakagami fading channels, outage probability, packet radio networks, probability, probability density function, selection diversity, statistical analysis

The performance of selection diversity over independent but not necessarily identically distributed Nakagami fading channels is studied. An exact closed-form expression for the probability density function of the selected channel signal-to-noise ratio is derived. Exact closed-form expressions for the corresponding cumulative distribution function, moment generating function and moments are also obtained. The results are used to obtain outage probabilities and achievable bit rates for an adaptive modulation and coding scheme with multicode transmission as employed in systems similar to the high speed downlink packet access channel or the 3GPP cellular standard


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