Design considerations for active matrix organic light emitting diode arrays

TitleDesign considerations for active matrix organic light emitting diode arrays
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKumar, A., K. Sakariya, P. Servati, S. Alexander, D. Striakhilev, K. S. Karim, A. Nathan, M. Hack, E. Williams, and G. E. Jabbour
JournalCircuits, Devices and Systems, IEE Proceedings -
Date Publishedaug.
Keywords2-TFT voltage-programmed circuits, 4-TFT threshold-voltage-shift-resistant current-programmed circuits, a-Si:H, act. matrix OLED arrays, active matrix organic light emitting diode arrays, AMOLED display backplanes, array simulations, array size scalability, design considerations gt, driver circuits lt, LED displays lt, optimal driving requirements, organic light emitting diodes lt, RC equivalent models, Si:H, thin film transistors lt

Design considerations are presented for a-Si:H based AMOLED display backplanes, including 2-TFT voltage-programmed and 4-TFT threshold-voltage-shift-resistant current-programmed circuits. The RC equivalent models of voltage-programmed and current-programmed pixels are derived, based on which array simulations are performed. Array size scalability and optimal driving requirements for a-Si:H AMOLED pixels are also presented. The TFTs used were fabricated in-house and the array under consideration is a (320 times;240) QVGA operating at 60 frames/s


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