Design and control of a teleoperated microgripper for microsurgery

TitleDesign and control of a teleoperated microgripper for microsurgery
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsKu, S., and S. E. Salcudean
Conference NameRobotics and Automation, 1996. Proceedings., 1996 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination889 -894 vol.1
Date Publishedapr.
Keywordsend-effector, force sensing, force-reflecting motion-scaling system, manipulators, micromechanical devices, microsurgery, sensors, surgery, teleoperated microgripper, telerobotics

A remotely controlled microgripper has been developed as an end-effector for a six-degree-of-freedom force-reflecting motion-scaling system. The microgripper is small and lightweight, and features relatively high force and stroke compared to other designs. Furthermore, force sensing enables the accurate measurement and control of tool-tissue forces, and the emulation of different mechanical devices. This paper presents the design of the microgripper and describes some control methods that have been implemented


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