A 4-GHz large-area (160000 mu;m2) MSM-PD on ITG-GaAs

TitleA 4-GHz large-area (160000 mu;m2) MSM-PD on ITG-GaAs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsKrishnamurthy, V., M. C. Hargis, and M. R. Melloch
JournalPhotonics Technology Letters, IEEE
Pagination71 -73
Date Publishedjan.
Keywords10 V, 4 GHz, carrier lifetime, GaAs, gallium arsenide, III-V semiconductors, impulse response, intermediate temperature growth, ITG-GaAs, large-area MSM-PD, metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector, metal-semiconductor-metal structures, photodetectors

We report the first large-area (400 mu;m times;400 mu;m) metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector (MSM-PD) with a FWHM of 86 ps (4-GHz bandwidth), and nanoamp dark currents at 10 V. This is achieved by using intermediate-temperature grown GaAs (ITG-GaAs) to tailor the carrier lifetime in the material, so that the lifetime ap;transit time between the electrodes. This removes the slow tail response typical of the impulse response of MSM-PDs, without significantly reducing the responsivity. A comparison to normal-temperature GaAs is made demonstrating a dramatic improvement for large-area photodetectors. Thus, we have shown that ITG-GaAs is an excellent material for large-area detectors


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