Adaptive step size blind multi-user detection

TitleAdaptive step size blind multi-user detection
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsKrishnamurthy, V., and G. Yin
Conference NameDecision and Control, 1999. Proceedings of the 38th IEEE Conference on
Pagination151 -156 vol.1
Keywordsadaptive signal processing, adaptive step size blind multi-user detection, code division multiple access, code-aided suppression, DS/CDMA systems, interference suppression, linear detector, LMS algorithms, MAI, multiple access interference, narrow-band interference, spread spectrum, spread spectrum communication, step size, stochastic approximation, stochastic processes, weight vector

The paper develops adaptive step size blind LMS algorithms for code-aided suppression of multiple access interference (MAI) and narrow-band interference (NBI) in DS/CDMA systems. These algorithms optimally adapt the step size using the same measurements which are used for adapting the weight vector of the linear detector


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