A PI Control of DFIG-Based Wind Farm for Voltage Regulation at Remote Location

TitleA PI Control of DFIG-Based Wind Farm for Voltage Regulation at Remote Location
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKo, H. - S., S. Bruey, J. Jatskevich, G. Dumont, and A. Moshref
Conference NamePower Engineering Society General Meeting, 2007. IEEE
Pagination1 -6
Date Publishedjun.
KeywordsDFIG-based wind farm, doubly-fed induction generator, induction motors, Nyquist constraint design technique, Nyquist criterion, PI control, power generation control, proportional-plus-integral controller, reactive power control, robust control, robust control mechanism, voltage control, voltage regulation, voltage source converter, wind power generation system, wind power plants, wind speed fluctuation

This paper presents a voltage control methodology that provides a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind farm with the capability to provide voltage regulation. The controller manipulates dynamically the reactive power from the voltage source converter (VSC) to control the voltage at a specified location. Since a proportional-plus-integral (PI) controller is popularly used in power systems, it is designed in this paper. In wind power generation systems, since operating conditions are changing continually by wind speed fluctuations and load changes, a robust control mechanism is necessary. Thus, a PI controller is designed by the Nyquist constraint design technique for the robustness. The proposed voltage control methodology is demonstrated on a candidate DFIG-based wind farm site on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


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