Reducing collisions between Bluetooth piconets by orthogonal hop set partitioning

TitleReducing collisions between Bluetooth piconets by orthogonal hop set partitioning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsJiang, Z., V. C. M. Leung, and V. W. S. Wong
Conference NameRadio and Wireless Conference, 2003. RAWCon '03. Proceedings
Pagination229 - 232
Date Publishedaug.
KeywordsBluetooth, Bluetooth piconets, Bluetooth single hop set scheme, collision reduction, enhanced synthesizer structures, frequency hop communication, orthogonal hop set construction method, orthogonal hop set partitioning, picocellular radio, subhop set selection, system throughput, telecommunication traffic

This paper proposes a novel orthogonal hop set partitioning (OHSP) scheme aimed at reducing the collisions between piconets at the hop level, by partitioning the original Bluetooth hop band into five orthogonal sub-hop sets. To support OHSP, an orthogonal hop set construction method and enhanced synthesizer structures are presented. In each piconet, the master randomly and independently chooses on of five orthogonal sub-hop sets, and informs its decision to all slaves within the same piconet. Simulation results show that under the best combination of sub-hop set selection, OHSP improves system throughput by more than 10% over the original Bluetooth single hop set scheme.


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